Data Voice Voip Telecoms - Communications Solutions | Derry ~ Londonderry Donegal

Data Voice Voip Telecoms - Communications Solutions | Derry ~ Londonderry Donegal

Is internet, VOIP, hosting or backup important to your business? We can provide complete communication solutions that will cover all your business broadband and data and voice communication requirements through-out Northern Ireland.

VOIPSip Trunks & Voip


You don’t need to linger on with an old, frustrating and unsupported infrastructure that can take weeks to resolve a simple phone issue. VOIP has changed the telecommunication landscape. It’s like virtualizing your phone system and managing it from the cloud.

Our high quality SIP Trucks (session initiation protocol) utilise the internet to carry priority voice traffic. Using this one simple communication protocol offers a host of cost and management benefits, both short and long term. If you have a reliable broadband connection, then you have to ask yourself: Why you aren’t using it already?

There is no physical infrastructure that needs to be maintained with SIP trucks. They also cost less, because of the overall lower costs associated with VOIP overall. In addition, SIP trunking is scalable according to demand, and can save up to 50% on existing standard phone costs.

Broad BandHigh Speed & Fibre Broadband

High Speed Internet

BT’s 99% isn’t an accurate number. So if your broadband isn’t the best then you need to talk to us. We have supplied solutions from dedicated fibre to the premises (FTTP), fibre to the cabinet (FTTC), and partnered with various providers to supply multi homed broadband solutions.

If your business is in N.Ireland, we can provide you with a cost effective broadband solution, wherever you are.

We can use failover 4G, or, as we have in Donegal, provide 4G and 3.5G as alternative primary methods for broadband communication.

Data ProtectionDedicated Internet

Dedicated Internet

If internet access is important to you then this is the only solution in the country that comes with an SLA. A Service Level Agreement means we are contractually obliged to provide reliable internet access for your business. Unlike other providers we can provide you with Bandwidth flexibility that is unrivalled in N.Ireland.

A leased line or dedicated internet solution provided by us, is permanent high performance internet that can carry voice and web traffic. Our SLA to you, ensures that you will always have access to high speed reliable Internet access 24 hours a day, that performs consistently day after day and offers dedicated, uncontended bandwidth, that ensures that you always get the speed you pay for.

Company IT AuditsBackup Solutions

Backup Solutions

Today, data is more important than ever so let’s face it, not having a plan B means you really don’t have a plan. If your company would urgently need their data you should find out does your current provider offer sameday access to your data? Configuration, snapshots or full data dumps for clients whom need a physical copy of their data fast? If so are they also flexible with both costs and bandwidth?

We can offer offsite replication of vital files, server snapshots with the flexibility and reliably of wholly owned data centres.

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