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Effective communication is not only a core component of any modern company, but also an essential survival skill in the wilderness of technology-based businesses. Multi-level communication, VoIP, Sip Trunking, Virtual PBXs – these are real things, and if you ignore them, you’re going to be left behind. Do you also have problems with your internet connection or the speed of your broadband? You got to do something, and you got to do it fast! Organizing and managing your telecommunication networks can be either a picnic or a backbreaker – so, just get by with a little help from your friends! Dee provides the widest spectrum of innovative communication solutions throughout Northern Ireland. Pleased to meet you.

Sip Trunks & VoIP

Using PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) instead of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is much like preferring squared notebook sheets to Microsoft Excel when you want to create a complex table. True, in the end, both get the job done, but the latter will get it done much faster and cheaper. Not to mention the flexibility of the final product!

Plain and simple, internet telephony offers much more for much less and you really shouldn’t scratch your head too much whether you should transition to VoIP or not. You’ve already “virtualized” and “cloudized” everything possible – why should your phone system be the exception?

With our high-quality SIP trunks (session initiation protocol), you’ll get a reliable telecommunication system and an exceptional voice experience. SIP trunking is also scalable, and can save you up to 50% of your current phone expenses. Trust us: you’ll never look back.

High-Speed Broadband

BT’s “99%” is a vision. And, as any other, it may turn into reality sooner or later. But, for now – and for all practical purposes – 99 is merely a wishful thinking, let alone a correct number. In other words, we have a reason to believe that you may not be fully satisfied with your broadband connection. If that is the case, you may have just found another reason to contact us.

What makes us so different, you ask? Maybe it is the fact that if your business is located within Northern Ireland, we can provide you with a cost-effective broadband solution – wherever you are. Maybe it is our fair share of FTTX experience: we have configured everything from dedicated fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) to fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC).

Lastly, maybe it is because we have partnered with various providers so that you can enjoy the benefits of a multihomed broadband access environment. And there’s a bonus! For even when the wire fails you – we have a 4G failover solution! Which is probably a good moment to mention that for some places (such as Donegal) we offer 4G and 3.5G as alternative primary methods for broadband communication.

Dedicated Leased Internet

Hypermarkets and big-box stores are a wonderful thing – that is, unless you need some sugar and decide to buy one or two chocolate bars during everyone’s pause for lunch. Or you want to buy something more substantial during the weekend. The lanes are, unavoidably, jammed and, even though you’ll reach the cash register eventually – that’s few hours of your life you’ll want to forget. Just imagine how much more beautiful the shopping experience would have been if there was a lane reserved for you exclusively!

Having a Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is something like that: instead of paying for the “best offer” service and dread a congestion, you pay for a guaranteed minimum and leave the rest to us. And we’ll make sure that, no matter if you are buying a chocolate or half the store, you will always reach the cash register at exactly the same moment you were guaranteed to. No more slowdowns. Ever.

Backup Solutions Data

Today, data is more important than ever, so let’s face it – not having a plan B means that you really don’t have a plan at all. What if an earthquake or a tsunami, or a zombie apocalypse occurs tomorrow right in the middle of your most important business meeting?

Let’s leave aside for now the less important problems, such as the state of Japan’s nuclear reactors or the future of humanity. The real problem is the obvious one: will you be able to access your data urgently and/or offline? Does your current provider offer same day access? And if your client asks you for a physical copy, will you be able to present it right away? What about if you need to prove to him something the only record of which exists in the form of a telephone conversation?

Zombies come and go, but your data – anything from files to telephone calls – should stay. And you should have a constant access to it. Sounds like a job for…!

Virtual Hosted PBX

You’re not actually saying that you’re still using an ordinary phone for your business! In an age of smartphones and clouds you are still worried about whether the call will be transferred to the most appropriate salesperson or whether he or she is available at the moment your biggest client is about to bring you a year’s profit? If you ask us, more than towards your client, you’re not being fair towards yourself! Life is hard enough the way as it is – when offered a chance to make it a bit easier, say yes without thinking twice.

Virtual Hosted PBX – a service we offer in collaboration with IP Telecom, Ireland’s leading provider of Hosted Business Phone Solutions and one of our partners – is one of those things which, once you admit them in your life, make you question how you could have existed without them beforehand. No Hardware or software – not even phonelines – and yet an abundance of features! Oh, and did we mention it is a lot cheaper?

Adwords & SMM Marketing

Marketing took a great leap forward with the advent of radio and television – suddenly, newspapers weren’t the only mass-market place where you could sell your goods and expect to find future customers. However, nobody could even guess the Copernican revolution the internet initiated in the field.

Newspapers are all but extinct nowadays, but the same holds true for radio and television as well. And even a website would not guarantee you visibility in the dynamic world of today!

Brace yourself for the marketing strategies of the future! You think that SEO will do the job? Think again. Maybe a good Adwords strategy should do the trick? Not quite. I see that many businesses use social media to attract attention: should I do it as well? It’s a prerequisite – but you can’t rely exclusively on that. A combination? Now, you’re talking.

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