IT Technology Consultancy - Consulting Solutions

IT Technology Consultancy - Consulting Solutions

Proactive managed solutions? That’s right, we can own your problems all while providing a host of managed it services that allow for you and your business to outsource part or all of your information technology services

SupportTechnology Consultancy

IT Support Technology Consultancy services will give you independent, high quality advice for a whole range of industry specific problems. If you have a technical problem, or need some independent advice about anything from control systems to core applications, then you’ve come to the right place. Have you heard of the “Cloud?” Well, either way, you’re already part of it. Your company is already supporting industry as it grows to become the internet of things. If you know your network just isn’t what it should be, or you just want a second opinion, talk to, and we’ll see you right.

SupportCloud & Data Migration

Support Partnerships

Have you hit the proverbial data-wall? Need more space? Are your networks slow? Are you hiring more sales representatives, or buying or merging businesses? Or are you just trying to simply streamline your processes? If You have data that needs extracted, transformed, and loaded but at the same time don’t want to lose anything or want to cut just enough, but keep the important stuff without suffering any downtime, then we have the right solutions for you. We work with all major database formats and have years of experience extracting, transforming and loading data across different platforms.

Data ProtectionAdvise, Plan & Deploy

Data Protection

When you start to expand, you’ll realise just how reliant you are on your technology. Is your tech setup a time sensitive luxury you can’t afford to be without? The right planning often if not always brings the right results. Maybe you need services on demand but only want to pay for what you use. How about knowing the real function of virtualization, and not just the name. We have experience planning and deploying complex systems and software for various major industries here and abroad.

Company IT AuditsNetwork Infrastructure

Company IT Audits

When you’re no longer running your business off of one switch and/or one internet connection, are you adding cloud services? And if BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a new term for you, then do you know enough about compliance, security, and regulatory issues? These are a real and vibrant threat. Ensuring you have the correct network infrastructure will help your business expand without the headaches associated with a lack of IT knowledge. If you’ve failed a PCI compliance scan, or need to know what your weaknesses are so you can be stronger, then with our guidance we can help you succeed in building the correct network for your company requirements now, and for the future.

Server+PCData & Site Centralization

Server and Pc Support

So do you have two, four, ten or more sites. Do you have two, four, ten or more databases, or two, four, ten or more servers? This is a very real dilemma for many businesses. Putting all your information into a central location for security and management should be your next logical step. Perhaps you have already done this but the results haven’t been as rosy as the salesman promised. Have you tried adding a touch of virtualization on demand? Finding the right support is vital and very rewarding. We can help you with licensing to total cost of ownership and maintenance.

Micorsoft 365Private Cloud Specialists

Server and Pc Support

Need help managing your private cloud infrastructure? Maybe you don’t even know what one is but you hear people speaking about it all the time? Well, rest easy, because you are already part of the cloud in some or most of your life. But you will need us to guide and support your Cloud based requirements. As technology improves, the internet of things is going to touch all of our lives and its first major step is cloud application & storage development. As the demands on data storage grow (so does the need to keep them secure and private, but most of all, keep them accurate and responsive.

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