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"How do we…? What should we…?" – no matter what anybody tells you, these are the right questions at any stage of your business development program. Naturally, they are often asked, but, surprisingly, rarely answered properly in the IT world. That doesn’t mean that you need to give up on finding the answers – after all, most of them are crucial for the success of your business. It only means that you need to find the right consultant. We have the knowledge, the experience, and the creativity. So, look no further

Data & Systems Architect

For better or for worse, the IT sector has gotten used to borrowing words from some other spheres in order to point out an analogy or two between the more accessible world and its seemingly obscure practices and objectives. Whether buildings and churches or data and systems are concerned, an architect is an architect. He plans, projects, designs, and evaluates some kinds of constructions.

Most projects nowadays tend to be diversified, and that is why data and systems architects become ever more important. There is always someone who needs to see the big picture, who is able to see behind the complex systems manageable subsets, who knows how data is processed, stored and utilized, and how a logical design can translate into a physical database.

We at have always been able to see the big picture. That is why we provide consultation services concerning designing applications and system infrastructure architecture – both for business operations or legal compliance.

Azure Cloud & Server Data Migration

Have you hit the proverbial data-wall? Need more space? Are your networks slow? Are you hiring more sales representatives? Maybe you are buying or merging businesses? Or simply trying to streamline your processes? You may be already sleep over these questions: “Which is the best cloud service for me?” “Will I lose some important data?” “How much time will it take?” “How much will it cost?” Don’t worry: we have heard each of these dreaded questions about a million times before. And we have the answers to all of them – and many more!

If you plan to migrate your business to the cloud, we can show you how you can do this cost-effectively and with minimum disturbance. And since afterwards every single file will be moved into Amazon’s or Microsoft’s storage cloud, the world will suddenly look much brighter. Just like the future of your business.

Advise, Plan & Deploy

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” – Benjamin Franklin said that.

“If you are planning to make it, make a call” – we say that. OK, we are not as clever as Benjamin Franklin, but probably neither is he when it comes to the future your company (after all, he had merely keys and Boards to work with, and we have keyboards… get it?).

Ben does make a very relevant point, though, since if there’s one thing we know, in business, you should plan as hard as you should party in life. So, don’t do anything before contacting us and let us share with you our past experiences and ideas. Because, besides all the schemes and strategies, it ain’t over once it kicks off. That’s merely the beginning. And we’ll be there to keep the ball rolling as long as you need us to be perfectly sure of a final victory.

Network Infrastructure

We’ve been in this business long enough to be able to make a pretty accurate Top 10 lists of people’s most frequent IT regrets or their most unfortunate blunders. Not thinking ahead will probably rank very highly on either list. Since it will eventually happen: your business will grow large enough for you to control it as effortlessly as when you had your childhood friend and that distant relative of yours as your only two employees.

We take network infrastructure very seriously and, if you plan to endure in the ultra-competitive world of tomorrow, so should you! Therefore, call us today: we’ll make sure to tell you everything you need to know. And bear in mind that we probably already know something about your network infrastructure and your IT environment you may have already overseen.

CRM - ERP - CMS Consulting

We know what you’re thinking: “Enough with all these acronyms! It almost sounds as if you’re trying to hide something! Why can’t you just use the full names?” Probably because we’re afraid the full names sound a little more daunting and may discourage you from using something you desperately need. (After all, who cares whose initials M & M are?)

Let’s try it. Customer Relationship Management. Enterprise Resource Planning. Content Management System. Clearer? Probably not. So, let us explain it to you in a simple manner. Because basically, if you have a company and a website, you’re probably already doing all of these – but in an outdated fashion.

You probably have lots of filing cabinets, excel tables and word documents – and all on different computers. And you probably have problems finding important information when you need it the most. Let’s put an end to this. Whether CRM, ERP, or CMS, the primary goal is always the same: integrating and automating processes. Making your life a little easier. And that’s our job as well. Coincidence?

IP CCTV Networks

“Surveil” is a verb of French origin even modern-day dictionaries overlook (pun unintended!) – so we forgive you for encountering it for the first time here. But have you ever felt that you should have watched more carefully? (We’re not talking about dictionaries). The government is using it – so, why shouldn’t you? However, if you are planning to, please contact us.

Analogue-cameras are a thing of the past, sure, but you don’t need to throw away everything you own. There are every so often ways in which you can reuse your existing networks, as many as there are sometimes reasons because of which you shouldn’t. If you want to surveil – you should surveil like a boss! And we’re here to guide you on your way.

Dee-Technology Specialist

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