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What is Digital/Online Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to the marketing realized with the help of some of the technologies of the digital age, mostly on the internet. That's why it's also known as online marketing. It encompasses a large number of techniques ranging from search experience optimization (SEO) and e-mail direct marketing to content and e-commerce marketing, in addition to social media optimization and social media marketing (SMM). Managing these marketing strategies is both difficult and vital for the success of every modern company.

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Online Marketing Management

Much has changed since the advent of internet and there is more than one reason why you should invest all your marketing energy into the digital world:

  1. it’s time-saving: there’s practically no waiting time for an online add;
  2. it’s cost-effective: especially within social networks sites;
  3. it’s efficient: you’re reaching for a wider audience;
  4. it’s measurable: you can collate results and see the effect of your campaign in real-time;
  5. it’s improvable: data can be easily stored and used for future perfections.

However, technology is evolving fast. Consequently, it’s no wonder that digital marketing managers have grown to become the gurus of today’s businesses, the sages of their success.

Knowing and refining the traditional online marketing tactics and tools (SEO, SMM, AdWords) is only a part of the equation. Learning what’s new and using that knowledge to maximize the potential of your company is the other.


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Digital Online Marketing Management with Us

One of the first things we learned working as marketers, is that not only people's buying behaviour is constantly changing, but the way they consume information is evolving too.Do you know, for example, that two years ago, mobile search surpassed desktop search? Do you have a person at your company who knows this information and a department capable of using it to your benefit? Are you aware of concepts such as crowdfunding influencer marketing, or what's new in the world of mobile/e-mail direct marketing? Have you thought about creative ways to circumvent content-filtering extensions such as AdBlock? If the answer to any of these questions is “no” – forgive us for asking, but – how do you plan to succeed? Using Dee's digital marketing management option is a way to never having to ask yourself these questions. We'll be handling all your current online marketing strategies and planning and organizing your future ones. And you'll reap the rewards.

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You can provide in-house support and manage multiple support service providers. But is this model sustainable, and can it deliver the standardisation, automation, and integration required for truly optimised IT operations?

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We provide flexible support coverage and a choice of modular proactive support options that can be added based on your needs. We give you the flexibility to maintain control while offloading some of your day-to-day maintenance.

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From the data centre across the network and into the cloud, we offer best-fit Managed Services to meet your needs. We take over your day-to-day operations to enhance your IT and business functions, making your IT more agile and scalable.

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