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How Does Facebook Marketing Work?

Facebook marketing is a subclass of online marketing and is a way of communicating your vision to your targeted audience through the 3rd most visited website and the most popular social media platform in existence. There are three different ways you can use to advertise yourself on Facebook, and they work well in combination. The traditional way is creating a profile page for your company and use marketing campaigns to attract your "likers". A slightly more engaging type of advertising is offered by Facebook groups – which are similar to discussion forums. Finally – and most interestingly – you can unleash the full power of Facebook's advertising platform.

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The Importance of Facebook Marketing: Some Relevant Stats

Ignoring Facebook is certainly not an option. Many people use it, but, even more important than this, almost everybody in the world aged between 18 and 36 owns a Facebook profile (90%). So, no matter who you’re trying to reach – he’s likely an active Facebook user, and even if he’s not, in a decade or so, he will be.

Also, no matter which company is your current or future competitor, it probably already markets itself on Facebook: 60 million businesses own a page and about 4 million of them (93% of worldwide marketers) use Facebook advertising regularly to market their products and services.

To translate this into predigital era language: Facebook is like a newspaper everybody buys and everybody advertises in. Can you afford not to?


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Dee's Way to Optimize Facebook Marketing

Now, we know that you're interested in two things: 1) is it expensive; 2) how can I be sure that I get my money's worth? We've spent some time working out the maths: reaching a group of 1.000 people via a cable TV advertisement will cost you around $7.00, 5 times less than investing the money in a newspaper ad, but also 3 times more than paying Google AdWords – $2.75. What about Facebook Ads? Merely $0.25. Facebook uses an algorithm to determine if, where, and how to show your ads. It's similar to Google AdWords – but it's cheaper. And in this manner, it offers probably the best ROI in all forms of advertising. knows how to do this and can advise you on all kinds of matters, all with the objective of providing your company with the much-needed advantage. Our Facebook Marketing optimisation service covers all of the following:
  • deciding the best amount of your advertising bid based on your budget;
  • tips about the relevance and the quality of your ads;
  • audience targeting;
  • choosing the right timing for your campaign;
  • optimization for ad delivery and ad placing.
We can add “and many more” – but we're sure that you know it by know. Because with you always get more than you expect.

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