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Owning a business and signing an IT support contract is the same as getting a red phone in the middle of the Cold War: it's cheaper than an army and any problem can be solved with a single call. And Dee's IT contract is the best: it's written just for you and is a guarantee for trust and quality.

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IT Support Contracts

Tired of substandard IT support? In a day and age when so many businesses rely so much upon technology, we’re guessing “IT Support” sounds much more like “IT Critical Support” to your ears as well. If so – maybe you should rethink your whole strategy. We know that your business is special. But, then again, we also know how many problems can result from almost any technical failure. Why risk the headaches when a single signature can do away with all of them?

Unlike others, we know that you are the one who signs the IT Contract! So, that means that we should pen and tailor it just for you: it’s time you stopped paying for services you don’t really need. We can provide custom IT Support & Contracts tailored specifically to your business IT requirements. We offer the best response and resolution times – at the very best prices! We can do that, since our systems have never failed us. They are cloud-based, reliable, ultra-fast, cutting edge, and easy to use. And our IT Support Contract promises nothing less.

If your business depends upon having the best and the latest software or having a reliable network infrastructure (as we are sure it does) – you have to ask yourself why have you waited for so long to sign an IT Support contract.’s IT Support Contract is a guarantee for trust and quality.


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You can provide in-house support and manage multiple support service providers. But is this model sustainable, and can it deliver the standardisation, automation, and integration required for truly optimised IT operations?

Phone a Friend or
Wish it all goes AWAY

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Phone your Friends, neighbours or kids plead for some help, this often ends with friends, neighbours or kids feeling exploited. As for wishing, the old adage be very careful what you wish it might just come true.

Use Managed IT Services


Proactive professional, extremely talented and experienced support operation that can be tailored to your businesses needs and probably already has experience in your industry, which is only an email or sms away.

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