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The extent of Dee's network support can be condensed in an acronym: 4S. It stands for: strategizing, selecting, setting up, supervising. To break it down: after deciding on the best strategy for your network, we help you select the right hardware, set it up, and supervise it for best performance.

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Networking Infrastructure

What should you do when your business can’t be run anymore off of one switch and/or one internet connection?

BYOD may be a new acronym for you (it stands for “Bring Your Own Device”, by the way), but – believe us – you may have already unknowingly implemented the policy on the workplace. Are you aware of its advantages? Even more importantly, have you consulted anyone about its disadvantages? Do acronyms such as “DNS”, “DHCP”, or “WINS” ring a bell? What about terms such as “compliance”, “security”, “regulatory issues”, or “end node problem”?

Stop whatever you’re doing if not! These are important things and we have to talk to you about them! Ensuring you have the correct network infrastructure will help your business expand without the headaches associated with a lack of IT knowledge. If you’ve failed a PCI compliance scan, or need to know where and how your network infrastructure can and should improve, then what you need is our guidance.

We will give you in-depth instructions on how you should build the right network for your company of today – so you wouldn’t need to worry about it tomorrow. Or any other day, for that matter.


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You can provide in-house support and manage multiple support service providers. But is this model sustainable, and can it deliver the standardisation, automation, and integration required for truly optimised IT operations?

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Computer Tools

We provide flexible support coverage and a choice of modular proactive support options that can be added based on your needs. We give you the flexibility to maintain control while offloading some of your day-to-day maintenance.

Use Managed IT Services


From the data centre across the network and into the cloud, we offer best-fit Managed Services to meet your needs. We take over your day-to-day operations to enhance your IT and business functions, making your IT more agile and scalable.

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