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What Is SMM (or Social Media Marketing)?

Social media marketing (or SMM for short), is one of the most popular ways to promote your company nowadays. As its very name suggests, it is a marketing strategy directed at social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+), which, whether you like it or not, have completely changed the way companies and customers communicate. SMM is a way to not only establish your name in the digital world, but also build a lasting relationship with your current and future clients. Just think of it as the modern “word of mouth” – times thousand and million times faster.

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Why Do You Desperately Need Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Marketing took a great leap forward with the arrival of radio and television –  suddenly, newspapers weren’t the only mass-market place where you could sell your goods and expect to find future customers. However, nobody could even guess the Copernican revolution the internet initiated in the field.

Newspapers are all but extinct nowadays, but the same holds true for radio and television as well. And even a website would not guarantee you visibility in the dynamic world of today. You can’t think anymore in terms of “why should anyone choose me instead of another company?” For few years now, that seems to have been downgraded to question number two.

The first and more important is the question of visibility: “how, in the endless ocean of websites presenting hundreds of similar companies, a client should find mine and spend some time learning about the services I offer?”

Well, social media marketing is the right way to become visible and noticed. It’s more than important. It’s essential.


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How Can Help You: SMM Marketing Packages

We've done your homework and we would like to present you with few simple facts to tell you why your business is bound to fail unless it embraces the power of SMM:
  1. Almost two thirds of the millennials (read: your future customers) have at least one profile on social media and spend at least two hours a day browsing social networking sites.
  2. 95% of them follow a certain brand via social networking
  3. and almost 71% of them are likely to recommend a company based on good social media experience – anything ranging from ads to service.
Oh, we forgot to mention one more thing: the average salary of a social media manager for 2016? About $77,000. Now, why would you pay so much, when you can simply contact us and discover everything you need to know about SMM, ranging from which platforms are the most relevant for your company to which social media marketing model best suits your business. We'll tell you how to optimize your social media marketing campaigns and how you can gain valuable insights in your customers behaviour – so that you know which aspects of your business are fine and which need to be improved. Because SMM is not only about marketing. It's also about people.

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