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HAMR: Betting heavy on Seagate’s Future

Is Moore’s Law a Thing of the Past? Who would have guessed, back when a 4GB or 8 GB HDD was a thing to brag about, that only two decades later, we would be able to buy same-capacity USB flash drives the size of a fingernail at the price of a McDonald’s meal? Well, someone […]

How to approach Machine Learning 

You can easily find hundreds of articles on Machine Learning that are worth reading. So why to read this one? I have a strong reason for you. Let me explain. Reading a pile of articles can finally leave you without nothing but red eyes. It doesn’t matter how much you have read because the only […]

How to Start Developing Your Intelligent Chatbot

Now, we already talked about bots and the benefits of using them. But, have you ever wondered if you can directly contribute to the creation of one? Yes, we’re talking about an artificial mind! And, no, we’re not just selling this article: we’re really saying that you can start developing one today. In fact, the […]

Where Will Machine Learning Be in Ten Years

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its possibilities, Machine Learning (ML) seems to be the most promising field. ML is extremely useful for processing data, finding patterns, and making predictions. However, AI field is still pretty measured, which inevitably leads to questioning the future of ML for the development of AI field.

The limitations of AI

While companies are hiring more data scientists and firing call centers’ staff, we still don’t know how to make machines understand the information the way humans do. By the way, it’s only one of the numerous limitations of Artificial Intelligence that keep data scientists and machine learning experts awake at night.

AI and Cryptocurrency

It has never been so tempting to link Artificial Intelligence (AI) and trading: trading has gone digital and AI is apparently experiencing its Golden Age. But if anyone is to dwell in depth on the matter, a question inevitably arises: is there any real ground for the contemplation, or is it just another speculation?

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