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Payment Terms

Which forms of payment do you Accept?

In order of preference: Bank Transfer, Direct Debit, Paypal, Debit/Credit Card, Cheque, Cash

When do I pay?

All costs and payment terms will be agreed and quote issued before projects commence so full transparency is always at the forefront. Each quotation or estimate will make your payment obligations and any terms clear prior to acceptance. Smaller, add-on or singular work will be invoiced on an ad hoc basis but due dates will be clear.

Where is my invoice?

Invoices are emailed to clients with a live link that allows them to pay online, print or download pdf copies. All relevant information is also detailed on the invoice including payment methods, VAT, date work commenced and related ticket numbers including all payment methods and contact information.

Are you VAT registered?

Yes, we are a UK VAT registered company.

Dee.ie Questions

We are not in Ireland can we still use your services

Yes, we have many solutions and contracts servicing areas around Ireland but we have provided development and consultancy services in many countries, contact us and we will do what we can to help.

Are you Fully independent?

Certainly, our loyalty lay directly with our clients, we only use the hardware and software in our solutions that are best fitted to the project regardless of the “incentives” the manufacture gives.

Can you offer Cloud Support?

Yes, it’s an open ended question but we have no doubt we can solve your problems from private cloud to public cloud issues.

Web & Software Questions

Web Managed Partnerships, is this for Real?

Absolutely, if you have a good idea or a real world business that needs the right Web Partner to share the risk of trading online then try us by clicking the start a project button above.

Your design work is lovely, do you offer Design only?

No, we do not, designers design and our designers have enough on their plate keeping up with our developers requirements.

Do you design and build Apps?

Yes, but do you mean Web Applications or Mobile phone applications? Click start a project above and tell us more and we can give you a clear answer.

Someone recommended you for custom software we are in a different industry can you still help?

Certainly, the main thing is as long as we can get an understanding of your company and its goals then we can provide a cracking solution.

I’m in a hurry, how long does it to build a website?

How long is a piece of string? Best way is to click the “Start a Project” button above and give us some details, our projects are scheduled and but we will be very clear and honest and let you if and or what we can do for you.

Your sites look top end how much are they?

The portfolio items are only a small section of the sites and applications we have been asked to build, design or consult on as we have NDA in place we can’t discuss all our work however this question is to open we would need more specifics so click the start a project button and we can give you the specifics you require.

Our software is very old does it matter?

Probably not, we say that as we haven’t seen every software application but we have never seen one that we couldn’t work with so it’s certainly it’s a high probably that we can advise on your software application, database or even an operating system.

IT Support Questions

Do you only offer support via IT contracts?

No, we maintain an Ad hoc service which naturally costs more than a contracted client pays so we recommend that if you like our Ad hoc service you will love our contracted managed services.

Can you guarantee data security?

Way to open of a question, but yes for the most part. There is risk in everything and we can demonstrate how to mitigate this risk to the same acceptable level you live your life by.

How about about confidentiality?

Absolutely it’s built into the fee.

Do you still support Servers?

Sure why not, cloud is a force to reckon with but there are still limitations and until they are overcome we will continue to support servers.

We want one of your Company IT Audit are they really Free?

Absolutely, we will come to your company and look at your system, services and setup and give you our recommendations.

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