Terms & Policy

Our Terms & Policy

Are you sick of complex, incomprehensive contracts?

Rights and Obligations

Our Terms & Policy

No nonsense straight forward Terms
Are you sick of complex, incomprehensive contracts? Me and you agree to the following:
We are fully responsible for the service we provide and any warranties and guarantees attached and to fully adhere to our Privacy Policy, Environmental Policy and Terms and Conditions. You are fully responsible for everything else including but not limited to:

  • Advertisers
  • Banks
  • Meeting Payment Schedules
  • External Providers & Providing(s)
  • Finance Companies
  • Your ISP
  • World Hunger
  • H1N1
  • etc

Your rights and obligations

  • You agree to keep things legal and within the law of the applicable location(s).
  • You will not attempt to mess about or gain illegal access with our server(s), site(s), code or accounts.
  • You and you solely, have access to your account(s).
  • You may not perform ANY malicious or fraudulent activities using our services.
  • You are 100% responsible for any and all activity coming from your IP address and domain.
  • You are 100% liable for the content of your site and anything you say or is said on it.
  • You are 100% responsible for anything that happens or is done with your account, regardless of your knowledge.
  • The details you provide about yourself are true and accurate at that time.
  • You may not transfer this agreement to any third party.
  • Accepting a quotation or pricing is (even partial) of our services is full acceptance of our contract(s), our policies and our terms & conditions.

Terms of Services, Billing, and Payment

  • The service is valid for the agreed timeframe, unless otherwise stated.
  • Cancellation of service before renewal date, otherwise you accept automatic renewal and are liable for full term payment.
  • Valid cancellation of your account will only be accepted in writing signed by account holder.
  • Refunds will be given in exceptional circumstances only at our discretion.
  • In case of malicious activities, all information will be made available to the authorities.
  • Not keeping to conditions setup out in the agreed payment schedule(s) will lead to delays or cancellation of projects.
  • Your invoices are viewable, printable and delivered via electronic format.
  • Failure to complete agree payment terms you forfeit any and all ownership and rights of design, coding & content, including domain & copyright to Dee.ie Limited.
  • We are governed by N.Ireland Law and all disputes apply to NI Law and Regulations.
  • Terms and Conditions are available on request and can be updated without prior notice.

Payment Terms

Payment that does not reach us within agreed timeframe carries the following policy and interest charges as follows:

  • 5% charge is applicable for any account going over the due date.
  • 2% per month until payment is made in full.

Not adhering to our terms of payment will result in your account being put on hold and withholding any intellectual property which will remain property of Dee.ie until account is settled in full.

Act Responsible

We DO NOT want to apply any charges to any of our clients accounts. However, in order to prevent this, we can’t stress enough the importance of keeping in contact and genuine efforts to resolve the balance on your account. You can contact our accounts department on 02871 350181 or accounts@dee.ie AT ANYTIME.

Service Cancellation

Cancellation of services and/or accounts after not heeding our advice has a direct penalty. You cannot expect us to jump to the unnecessary whim when this was totally preventable and the failure is your own direct action by not fairly adhering to our advice or terms. We do appreciate you or company are not technology consultants and we advise accordingly but we do expect and feel it is fair you understand we are technology consultants and our advice is based on decades of experience in this industry.
You will be charged at our highest hourly rate for recovery, and fees will be payable instantly. Our advice is structured from the outset to avoid the need for panic and downtime, mayhem, general meltdowns and preventable hair loss. As professional independent consultants offering seamless, transparent services, ignoring our advice often leads to cancellation of many other services, outside of your scope of view, as the technology industry is at foundation level interweaved.


We mark projects as complete based on the information at timeframe allocated at quotation stage. Once complete, clients fees should be fully paid and issues that arise after fall into the support category. Support will not be offered if outstanding balances have not been appropriately addressed and agreed upon by us.

Support Methods

As a modern IT Support company we constantly tweak our support methods to best suit you the client and our operating procedures at all times we try and find the correct balance. Remote access is just one level of support that we use to speed the resolution of your ticket requests. Server support is based not on ticket request but monitoring reports. Computer access is for direct resolution or troubleshooting only. Records and logs are made and maintained, we only use paid remote solutions to meet Dee.ie Standard of accountability, reliability and above all security to meet and exceed our privacy policy.

Zero Tolerance

We trust that our staff will always treat you and your staff with a level of respect and curiously assumed by any reasonable person. We expect the same from you and your staff as with all areas of modern business abuse and/or violence will not be tolerated at all and we have Zero Tolerance stance on this. This will supersede any agreement being classed as a breach of our terms and cancel any agreement or contract we have. We will at best no longer act/work for you and worst prosecute you to the full extent of the law. Our employees require protection and freedom to work in a violent, abuse free zone as does your own.

We & You

We = Dee.ie Ltd, 7 Elagh Business Park, Derry City, N.Ireland BT488QP
You = Anyone using any products or services digital or physical by Dee.ie Ltd
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