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If you fear that the only thing standing between you and success is the lack of suitable IT support – no worries: you don’t need to deal with this on your own anymore!
We provide the alternative you didn’t even know existed: a host of managed IT services that will relieve you of every single day-to-day IT task you can think of!
It’ll feel like hiring the perfect caterer for that important corporate event: suddenly you realize that everything could have been stress-free, hassle-free, time-saving, cost-effective and all-round spectacular! Really, can you ask for something more?

IT Support Contracts

Well, no point in explaining this in detail: not only you know the scenario, but it has probably already installed itself into some of your worst nightmares! On top of the recurring IT problem that’s been bugging you for a year now – “Say, what: the connection is somehow lost again!” “What do all these error messages mean?!” “What is a Trojan?”

The IT companies you’ve been calling repeatedly assure you that everything will be fine! Only – how can it be, when the IT support teams come about 17 hours later than announced and some of them may have even blocked your contact a while ago (unless, they lost all of their phones).

Not we: IT Support is a synonym for IT Support and our IT Support Contract a guarantee for trust and quality. We’ll be there when you need us – no matter why you need us.

Free IT Audit

Let’s try to get some perspective first – a medical check-up is the most common form of preventive medicine. In other words, you think you know your body and your health issues until you visit a GP. Suddenly, you are shocked by the fact that people have invented pills for that nagging pain in your stomach a century ago. Just think of all the bacon you could have eaten had you known earlier!

Well, we know your computers and IT equipment the way a GP knows your body and we would be really happy if you grant us a chance to give them a free check-up every now and then. And we promise: it will be worthwhile and much more discreet (for one, we will not even touch your body!) Computers can feel pain too, you know. We do. Better than everyone.

OnSite IT Support

Quick, name the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of IT Support! Poor. Second-rate. Untimely. Bad. Very, very bad. OK, one thing would have been enough. Well, is here to redefine what IT Support means!

We work for you and we love our job – so, we will be there for you remotely any time you need us. But, what about those times you need us onsite? Well, we offer that too!

Whether it’s for installing new computers and configuring routers, or maintaining and updating your software/hardware – just contact us and we can arrange a meeting. Trust us: it will be a lot easier than the time you tried finding a date for that gala evening. But, what that kind of emergencies? Just get your Bat-Signal out – we’ll come!

Server & PC Support is a team of caring people, so don’t get too surprised that we tend to care about your problems much more than you – even before you know you have them! We think ahead!

Even when you think you have it all figured out – PC-wise and Server-wise – we will find a way to figure it out better, and build a robust IT system that will function flawlessly and seamlessly both today and in few years’ time.

Because, you see, we presume that your company will employ a whole city by then, and we wouldn’t want you to encounter mail server errors en route to greatness. But even if you do in the meantime, they’ll be over in the flutter of an eyelid.

Data Protection & Backup

All happy IT stories are alike; each unhappy IT story is unhappy in its own way… Then again, knows a little better: whether it is a story of how you have worked all night to recreate the document you just finished since you have synced the wrong folder, or a story of how you have lost a long-term client due to the fact you have accidentally clicked "Shift + Delete" on your C drive (oh, come on, how is that even possible?!), the sad part of the story – the underlying cause, if you will – is the same. You. Didn’t. Backup.

We got you covered once again. Whether a Sticky note or a complex PHP project – we will protect your data and we will be able to recover it for you whenever circumstances take a turn for the worse. And that is how an unhappy IT story becomes a happy IT story. With

AWS - AZURE Solutions

The twentieth century was a century of many wars: Civil wars, World wars, Cold wars, Total wars… As you would have thought, the technology of the twenty-first century has inflamed a new kind of wars – the Cloud wars. Fortunately, however, these are (at least for now) virtual wars. And, unless you’re in the company of vociferous IT leaders, pretty much harmless.

Even if you don’t know what it is, you’ve probably already heard of the AWS/Azure rivalry. And even more: you may be already toying with different cloud strategies and wondering which one to choose. If you haven’t – we can tell you what IaaS, PaaS and SaaS mean and which one you need. If you have, but you don’t know what you’re doing, we can show you in two shakes. Either way – it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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