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Free IT Audit

If you’ve got a feeling that you’ve bought more equipment than your business can handle – and that it still doesn’t meet the requirements of your company – and that, somehow, you’re not using technology as well as your competitors – we’ve got a three-in-one solution for you. D. E. E.

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Free IT Audit

Just imagine your reaction if you can’t find something you are sure you have bought recently! Even better: imagine if you have bought something – and paid it dearly – but you’re still not sure what it is or what it does! Why should it be any different with your IT equipment?

No obligation IT Audits save you wondering how is it possible that your computers work someday flawlessly and then stop working altogether just when you need them the most. What about the printers – they certainly seem to have a mind of their own! You feel as if you have spent so much money on equipment and yet you’re not really sure what is it exactly that you own? You feel as if you’re getting the wrong advice from your current IT provider?

Then, why not get an independent no obligation IT audit, discreet and free, from someone who has both the experience and the knowledge in the field? We’ll tell you everything you need to know: what you currently have, where it is and what is it connected to. We’ll evaluate your systems and determine the risks. We’ll show you ways to minimize those risks. And just like in a financial audit – we’ll make sure that everything is in compliance with relevant laws and policies.

By the time we leave your premises, you’ll be smiling again!


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Your Support Alternatives

Do it yourself support,
with multiple service providers


You can provide in-house support and manage multiple support service providers. But is this model sustainable, and can it deliver the standardisation, automation, and integration required for truly optimised IT operations?

Dimension Data’s Uptime and
Proactive Support Services

Computer Tools

We provide flexible support coverage and a choice of modular proactive support options that can be added based on your needs. We give you the flexibility to maintain control while offloading some of your day-to-day maintenance.

Dimension Data’s
Managed Services


From the data centre across the network and into the cloud, we offer best-fit Managed Services to meet your needs. We take over your day-to-day operations to enhance your IT and business functions, making your IT more agile and scalable.

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