Onsite IT Support Donegal

Local onsite IT Support Donegal is critical for that point of presence, from face to face meetings, to all the technical things remote support can’t help with. Having a partner who can be there remotely and onsite for the rare occasions things go wrong, is truly a support partner your business requires.

Onsite IT Support Donegal

The world has changed. I see it in the wide array of remote support tools. Probably something Tolkien would have written had he witnessed their rise during the past decade. In fact, many studies (and Wikipedia) indicate that out of 5 technical problems, 4 could be remotely solved. But what about the last one? Because, you see, that one may be the most important one.

What about connecting and installing your new computers, setting up the networks and configuring the routers, or just checking the condition of the hardware? Be they good as they are, there are some things remote desktop applications can’t do and opening a computer case is certainly one of them! The technology is not there yet, people! People have been, though, for years. They are called computer engineers and we have some of the best among them. And we offer both complete transparency and unmatched value for money.

Our Onsite IT Support service will work closely with your team and help you build custom systems to your exacting requirements. We will assist you in getting the most of third party hardware vendors, software services, and communication providers. You’ll see: one visit and your company will find us absolutely irreplaceable.

So, why should you pay so much for having your own IT team, when you can sign an IT contract with us and be sure that we will come whenever you call us? And you’ll need to pay us only as much as you use us.

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