Our Privacy | Derry ~ Londonderry Donegal

Our Privacy | Derry ~ Londonderry Donegal

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is transparent, clear and aimed at helping us to help you. We understand the trust that you have placed with us and it’s down to us to act responsible and protect this bond in a meaningful way.

Here are the points and principles of our Privacy Policy and how we use your information.

  • Use the collected information to help us to help you.
  • Store any information with strong online and offline protected standards
  • Be responsible with your data to the same extent we like our data protected
  • Make collected information transparent and accountable
  • Adhere to our principal of Clarity, Clarity, Clarity.

We have created these points to help you understand what we do and the principles behind how we think about your privacy and the data we hold, so you are better informed about the information you provide and in many cases trust us with.

We will not sell or distribute your information, we will treat it as we like our own information treated. This data will be destroyed in a verifiable way when it’s no longer required.

Non of our Contracts or Terms & Conditions nor our Policies are designed to be one‐sided. They are designed to have a clear and transparent field of play for both Dee.ie Ltd and you the client. It’s here to protect and make clear any issues that might arise. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us

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