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We realized that what our client needed was a custom solution combining an e-commerce front-end with multiple payment gateways and custom-built ”˜smart' machine learning algorithms able to work out and manage the minimum, the optimum and the maximum stock levels for each of the company's locations, based on purchase history and live sales. And even more: order management system integrated within the platform capable of automatically distributing PO's to over 30 suppliers; real-time stocktake updates, not interfering with any stage of production; an IP Camera & VoIP phone system; digital time attendance modules.

NMD Autos


It started with a name and a phone number; it turned into a simple, visually breathtaking and flawlessly functional website. And an already successful business. The client knew exactly what he wanted from his future company, and we knew a way to make his website the foundation of this company. Everything from the branding to the site's development, from an appealing design to uncomplicated test drives requests. The end result: works like a charm!

A Utilities Company


Back to basics, we created a custom platform that could allow the management the scope to get what they needed immediately as well as having the ability to create further custom plugins that would scale with the requirements. This has to date grown to include vehicle maintenance and tracking, daily walkaround via mobile checks, and most important automatic invoice creation and processing for work that has been completed on a daily basis.

Serenity Beauty Salon


The outcome from our first client meeting was clear and a challenge set, to start this project with only a business name and phone number. The owner had a clear vision for the business, we ensured fully understood the goals. This allowed us to create a plan to BRAND them, TECH them and SPREAD them translating this vision into the technically proficient work of art you see now.

Paolos Pizzas


Local pizza heavy weights Paolo's Pizzas needed to freshen up and modernise their online approach, so they contracted us to make it happen. After analysing the business we wanted to address in design what makes them a legend in the local pizza seen, then get simple functionality coupled with a nice user experience.

Mac Machinery


Reinventing the machinery wheel is no easy conquest so understanding the client and understanding his business are two totally separate things. Both are required to deliver a web presence that is acceptable in Ireland, UK and Europe. This is an excellent example of how management is willing to support its sales teams.

Nu-World Heating


The new guys to Heating Supply Centre but not new to polish boilers. Our initial meeting was eventful and fully charged, we were instructed to help the client make an impression but ensure there site was business efficient, informative and customer centric to ensure that it was clear they are open for business. Mainstream professional grade site with discreet call to actions at every turn.

Deborah O Donnell


Wanting to be number and being number one is two totally different things. Working with this client was a pleasure she had a vision and we translated that into a digital presences and achieved above all exceeded the set goals allowing several new clients to easily book appointments in the first 3 months.

Eamon Mclaughlin Car Transport


Hard work from the outset, this project had to replace a template site that didn't even have a correct colour scheme or content, the traffic was minimal and contacts non-existent. Two revisions later and a boat load of patience we have created a fully responsive, lightweight website with contact database ready to be filled, over 50+ transport quotes in the first 30days!
Dee-Technology Specialist

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