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1 company. 3 shops. 2 warehouses. 3 websites. 10 EPOS. 2 currencies. 20+ Staff. 30+ Suppliers. And the need to expand. Now, you'd expect that having a sound business model and robust profits should be enough to meet the demands of the growing industry, but, as our client had found out, the aspirations of your company may be strangled breathless by what we call the "technical chokehold" – lacking a proper system to support the growth. Scaling from a single to multiple locations is not something you'd like to face unprepared. In fact, this had brought so many challenges for our client, that he had troubles believing us when we guaranteed him a single platform, centralizing operations and reducing costs. The client contacted us after his previous contractor turned out to be one of the numerous “shiny shoe salesmen” lurking around, and failed to deliver what he had promised. But, we know that delivering is preceded by experience and knowhow, which, in turn, go hand in hand with careful listening and diligent notetaking. And this is what we did. Solution

We realized that what our client needed was a custom solution combining an e-commerce front-end with multiple payment gateways and custom-built ”˜smart' machine learning algorithms able to work out and manage the minimum, the optimum and the maximum stock levels for each of the company's locations, based on purchase history and live sales. And even more: order management system integrated within the platform capable of automatically distributing PO's to over 30 suppliers; real-time stocktake updates, not interfering with any stage of production; an IP Camera & VoIP phone system; digital time attendance modules.

Tech Highlights

  • Object Orientated Programming
  • PHP, MySql & JavaScript
  • 10 Completed Modules
  • 2 Modules in Pipeline
  • Hardware Supply & Commission
  • Project Management
  • IP Camera & VoIP
  • Smart Stock Control
  • 3 x Ecommerce Sites
  • Application Architecture
  • Virtual Desktop
  • Office 365
  • ERP Development
  • AWS Solutions
  • Full Centralized Management

Key Facts

  1. Reduced stocktaking from 2 full days per closed warehouse to no more than 4 hours per an open one
  2. Custom PO Order Management solution
  3. 2 new stores coming in 2017 and New EU warehouse due in 2018
  4. Control Centre consoles for each director with advanced on-demand reporting facilities

The Client Says

We are now able to complete a stocktake in 4 hours, when before we had to close each warehouse for 2 days. Thanks to, every shop, every warehouse and every website is currently operated from a single online platform.

Company Director

Dee-Technology Specialist

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