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If hardware is the body, then software is the brains of your information system. Neither can function without the other, so, it’s essential that you take care of both. We’re supposing you’ll never even think of something like buying a computer without a keyboard or a mouse, right? Accordingly, why deprive your company of useful and valuable software solutions? It’s like being able to boost your IQ – you’ll do it right away if you could! And developing software and applications specifically tailored to your needs is only one of the things we offer. The other are as diverse as resolving software issues, designing and developing perfect websites, and even supporting outdated apps. The list is far from exhaustive. Our services are.

Web Design & Development

The difference between a good artist and a great artist is a muse. And some say that the age of the great artists has passed, since there are fewer and fewer muses. But, then again, the mice have brushed off the brushes, and the times they are a-changing!

Web designers are the new artists, and, as far as we at are concerned, clients are the new muses. There’s no difference, really: they come to us with an idea and a list of objectives; we listen carefully to their needs and requirements; they inspire us. Our designers and programmers do the rest. The research, the creation of the perfect web persona, the most elegant and modern designs.

We are excellent in transforming kernel-ideas into an aesthetically pleasing and fully functional web pages. And we have an exceptional portfolio and a bunch of testimonials to prove it.

Application Development

Have you ever bought five or six applications and realized that none of them works as well as you would like? Have you ever ended up using all of them simultaneously because there are some functions that each of them is missing? It’s time we put an end to this!

When it comes to custom application development, consider us nothing short of authorities on the subject. You want an application which will do some of the things app no. 1 does, but also implement some of app no. 2’s functionality, while retaining the interface of app no. 3? No problem: we’ll design it for you and teach you how to use it. So, instead of buying three deficient apps, you’ll buy one perfectly tailored to your needs. Should we say more?

E-Commerce, EPOS, ERP

There is almost no aspect of life – of no matter how minor importance – that hasn’t been digitalized and computerized. Commerce is certainly not an exception. In fact, the first network transaction happened in 1972 – many years before the birth of the modern internet. Amazon was founded about two decades later and it took the site even less time to become the world’s most valuable retailer. E-commerce is not only the future, but the present of commerce as well. You want to get involved?

It will cost you no time and energy with But what about if you already have a chain of supermarkets and are interested in ways to manage your business more efficiently? Technology has got you covered there as well. And can show you the whole range of benefits the implementation of ERP and EPoS can bring to your life.

Web Managed Partnerships

Say, you’re about to set up your business and you desperately need to make a lot of important decisions, and a suitable web partner being one of them. Which one should you choose? You wouldn’t want to throw your money on the most expensive ones! Suppose, it doesn’t work out: it’s money down the drain and a long period of recuperation!

Well, no need to experience this kind of anxiety ever again: is your solution. We can be your web development partner as long as you need us and your fee will be based on revenue share. In other words: we won’t charge you by the hour, but by the percentage of the success. It’s a win-win for you: you’ll pay us if you succeed! That’s how much we believe in you. That’s how much you should believe in us.

Software Support

We believe our products and services as much as pastafarians believe the Flying Spaghetti Monster! In other words, once you buy something from us, we are with you for the long term. But, what if some software developing company has gone bankrupt or some programmers somewhere decide to stop developing the application you have bought few years ago and would probably desperately need in the future? That’s right, we wouldn’t have believed it either had we been in your shoes. offers support for any kind of custom-made and personalized software and/or applications for both Windows and Unix-based systems. Even for the ones that weren’t made by us.

Website & Software Security

Sony Pictures or Target, Yahoo! or eBay, Apple or the U.S. Government – it doesn’t matter! They’ve all been victims of cyberattacks during the past two years. And we really don’t want this to happen to you as well!

We are always working hard to make our customers feel safe at all times. We know what Apple and Yahoo! did wrong – so, attackers will have to do better to hack you. And we always have a backup plan – in our case, literally!

Just consider us the Miyagi to your Karate Kid: we’ll teach you everything about how you should protect yourself against attackers and how to react quickly if under attack. And if films have taught us anything, after spending some time under our tutelage, you might even gain the respect of your attackers and – who knows? – some of them may even come to you and ask you for a job.

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