Software Solutions | Derry ~ Londonderry Donegal

Software Solutions | Derry ~ Londonderry Donegal

Does your company have software issues? Do you need a custom created software application or solution? Perhaps you need your current solution altered, or supported. Would a website with a custom created application to manage your business processes and procedures help?

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We remember a time when we had to convince our clients that they needed a good website to get the most out of their business. Now everyone knows they need a good website to get ahead. But if you want to stay ahead of the competition and ahead of the game in today’s market, then you need more than just a website. Today, if you want to touch more and new customers, and you want to get your company noticed by new clients, then you need custom designed and built web applications. If you want to separate your business from the masses and give your company an edge, then our web design and development should be your first choice. We have been at the forefront of web development and design in the independent marketplace for many years, and we have a combined experience of over 20 years.

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Whether your processes need to be addressed from customer facing, supplier, pricing, inventory management, auditing, or accounts integration: A custom created application designed by us is calling out your name. We can create software application solutions for you that will solve any process requirement. And we do it all while keeping you in control, and giving you the right information at the right time. What’s more is that when your business changes and grows, we’ll make sure the application changes and grows with you.

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Sometimes web applications just can’t cover all the bases or do everything you need them to do. They can work as an excellent core part of your business, but sometimes you’re going to need more than just the core if you want your company to truly succeed. Our software development team can help you feed your core web applications and also help them grow. Whether you need to create an intuitive and easy to use interface between devices, such as an EPOS terminal and a camera system, or a link between an archaic legacy system and a modern hand held tablet, our modern software development solutions are the right ones for you.

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So you have a great idea and you understand your market but that’s as far as you’ve managed to get, and you don’t want to invest thousands in upfront development costs. How do you get your idea from being just that, to the market? If you only had the right partner that could understand your dreams and concepts, and develop the technology needed to tap your market in a professional manor, right? Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could find a web management partner that was happy to negotiate their fee based on percentages and shares? Well, look no further, because we do. We offer this service for clients that need fast turn around and might be hesitant to put up the initial capital, but also require a company that understands the economics of fees based on profits.

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Our software support is based on over 25 years of experience. We have worked with almost every language and database on the planet, (slight exaggeration) exclude the government, corporate and specialized stuff. We have even managed to update, virtualize, and put software into the ‘cloud,’ for several of our clients that had stopped being supported over 2 decades ago. We’re not saying we can do everything, we are simply saying that we have an advanced understanding and experience of platforms, operating systems and reverse engineering from years ago to the modern day.

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IT Support Web Design and Software Development services are a highly experienced and skilled crew of IT experts, delivering a number of successful websites and applications for our own clients and other web agencies globally, with outstanding user interfaces, user experience, and web design abilities. They are based in Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland. " web work stands out from the saturated marketplace known to many as the ‘Internet.’ Their experience and knowledge delivers what other sites and web design service providers cannot a return on investment for their clients. This is how they ask their clients to measure the web development success of a project."

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