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Delivering competitive, high quality software development solutions for an array of large industries in Derry ~ Londonderry & Northern Ireland since 2007.

Software Development Solutions

Our custom software development solutions and support have found applications across various industries in Ireland and as far afield as the USA. We have a strong track record and have built outstanding relationships with an extensive range of forward-thinking companies, spanning from prominent local Northern Irish businesses to major blue-chip corporations such as Meta, formerly Facebook.

We take pride in our exceptional ability to deliver meaningful solutions that function as intended, instead of merely contributing to the digital wasteland that is increasingly prevalent in the software industry.

Our Development

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Engaging external teams to design, develop, and deploy tailor-made software solutions that meet a company's unique needs and requirements.

Software Testing & Quality Assurance

Software Testing & Quality Assurance

Enlisting specialized teams to perform comprehensive testing, ensuring that software is reliable, secure, and meets the desired quality standards before deployment.

Application Modernization & Migration

Application Modernization & Migration

Outsourcing the process of updating legacy systems, migrating applications to modern platforms, and integrating them with current technologies to improve performance and efficiency.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

Hire our developers to create and maintain mobile applications for various platforms, such as iOS and Android, to enhance customer engagement and user experience.

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The depth and complexity of the solutions we have provided are only challenged by the outer extent of technology itself. We love to research and develop new and exciting solutions to common human, social and business problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Knowledge Questions

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What does a Software Development company do in United Kingdom?

Software development companies in the United Kingdom undertake the process of designing, creating, testing, supporting and maintaining software applications tailored to meet their clients' unique needs.
They leverage the latest technology trends and best practices to develop solutions that help businesses enhance efficiency, productivity, and overall digital experience. The core focus is understanding their client's business requirements and translating them into software solutions that deliver value.

What is Software Development?

Software development in the United Kingdom is a dynamic field that involves the conceptualization, design, programming, testing, and maintenance of software or software components. It encompasses a wide range of services including custom software development, mobile application development, web application development, software testing, and software project management. The ultimate goal is to create high-quality software that improves a business's operations or brings a new digital product to life.

How much does Software development company’s charge in United Kingdom?

Software development companies in the United Kingdom have varied pricing structures that can range from a fixed project cost, hourly rates, daily rates or even long-term retainers for ongoing projects. The cost can significantly vary based on the complexity of the project, the technology used, the team's experience level, and the project duration, among other considerations. It's important to note that quality software development companies can be flexible in their pricing models, offering tailored solutions that align with the client's budget and project scope.

From our experience, we have seen single element project costs ranging from £5,000 to £250,000 depending on the specifics. Software development agencies can sometimes charge more due to their additional overheads and comprehensive service offerings. It's always best to request a transparent cost estimate upfront for a clearer understanding.

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