Who We Are

Who We Are

Dee.ie is an IT consulting company based in Derry ~ Londonderry Northern Ireland, bordering with County Donegal in Ireland.

Competent end to end solutions

We are highly experienced IT Consultants delivering complete fully competent end to end, root to tip software solutions and consultancy services to an array of industries. Our professional IT consultancy services encompass high-end bespoke solutions to complex business challenges.

Complex business solutions

Our business model has transformed since our inception to reflect both our growing experience and successful implementation of complex business solutions, during the fastest pace industrial growth in history.

Independent technology consultancy

We were made in the 70’s but became formal in 2007, as a response to the lack of flexibility, competence and the “shiny shoe salesman” approach of existing IT companies. Our independent formation was a direct result of the growing frustration at the lack of transparency and ‘sales at any cost’ approach by providers.
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Dedication and constant improvement

We believed then as we do now, that this limits progress and stifles innovation within the industry, and, moreover, that everyone is entitled to the best possible service at every possible moment. We know that this means both dedication and constant improvement on our part as well.

Need Technical Solution Delivered?

Tell us your problem(s), we listen, we think then we offer you a solution

That’s why, since our very beginnings, we have strived to remain faithful to our three basic mission statement principles, for every project:
Build It Better

Build IT Better

Build It Faster

Build IT Cheaper

Build It Cheaper

Build IT Faster

In order to never steer away from them, research and development is at the heart of everything we do. We constantly redeploy profits and invest in our very own “Research & Development” department, since our inception. That way, we make sure that we always lead and never follow, and that our clients always get the very best and latest from Dee.ie.
Who We Are
We have been at the forefront of IT innovations and IT consulting services for decades and we intend to stay there for much longer. Numerous satisfied clients testify to our quality, efficiency, ability and exceptional loyalty.


The problem with common - sense is, it is not common! And without common - sense you left with nonsense.
- DEE 2010

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