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Our approach to IT consultancy sets us apart from others in Donegal Ireland. is guided by its objectives and principles, we don't merely operate from an office; we become an integral on-site team member, dedicated to providing comprehensive IT hardware and software solutions coupled with the manpower to accomplish, commission & support complex IT Projects.

We excel in planning, managing, and delivering intricate IT projects, as well as implementing and delivering them across a variety of industries. Since 2007, we have been proudly serving local businesses in Donegal and Ireland and those overseas from our strategic base.

Our Consultancy

IT Strategy & Planning

IT Strategy & Planning

Developing a strategic IT roadmap, aligning IT infrastructure with business objectives. Ensuring the adoption of new technologies to maintain a competitive edge.

Cybersecurity & Risk

Cybersecurity & Risk Management

Assessing and mitigating cybersecurity risks, implementing robust security policies and protocols, and providing ongoing monitoring and incident response.

Cloud Migration & Management

Cloud Migration & Management

Assisting with the migration to cloud-based infrastructure, optimizing cloud resources, and managing the ongoing maintenance, updates, and security of cloud services.

IT Infrastructure Management & Support

IT Infrastructure Management & Support

Managing and maintaining a company's IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, storage, and hardware, as well as providing help desk support and troubleshooting for technical issues.

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The depth and complexity of the solutions we have provided are only challenged by the outer extent of technology itself. We love to research and develop new and exciting solutions to common human, social and business problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Knowledge Questions

Here are some general question about IT Consultancy? If you need any other questions answered please let our chat team know.

What does IT Consultants do in Ireland?

IT consultants in Ireland offer valuable insights, advice, planning to installation & commissioning services for information technology systems tailored to their clients' needs. Their roles require strong interpersonal and communication skills, as effective client relationships are key to successful outcomes.

What is IT Consulting in Ireland?

IT consulting in Ireland encompasses advisory services that help clients evaluate diverse technology strategies. In this process, they align these technology strategies with the client's business objectives or operational strategies. This alignment ensures optimal efficiency and productivity within the client's business framework.

How much do IT Consultants charge in Ireland?

IT Consultants in Ireland utilize various pricing models that range from a percentage of the project cost to fixed fees, daily rates, or even hourly fees for smaller tasks. Just like in the rest of the EU, IT consultancy rates can fluctuate significantly based on the intricacy of the work, the consultant's level of experience, and geographical location, among other considerations. It's worth noting quality consultants can be flexible in these areas, these factors combined allow for a tailored approach to each unique situation, ensuring a fair and balanced fee structure.

From our experience we have seen rates range from €650 to €1,500 per day for independent IT consultants. We have also witnessed consultancy firm’s rates being higher due to overhead costs and other factors.

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